Catalyst Studios Taps Milena Grujic To Direct ‘Verified Target’ – Deadline

Catalyst Studios has tapped Serbian helmer Milena Grujic (A.S. (25)The Future is Bright and Unbearable) to direct action title Verified Target. The project will star international cast including Dominka Walo (Psy 3: W imie Zasad) Sebastian Hulk (All Quiet on the Western Front), Martin Wuttke (Inglorious Bastards), and Maria Erwolter (1899).

Verified Target is a high-octane English-language action film that tells the tale of a disillusioned hit woman who discovers the organization she works for is no longer a force for good. Her target has been falsely verified, she refuses to “take the shot” and now becomes a target on the hit list of the firm she once worked for.

The film, which begins filming in Belgrade, Serbia this week, is produced by Marija Bereta and Dragan Ivanovic, who heads Bandur Film in Belgrade.  Catalyst Studios’ Holly Levow is executive producing.

“I like to push my own limits, collaborate with creative minds, and find unique ways to enrich the vision of any project,” said Grujic. “Directing an action film like this, with the support of Catalyst Studios, is a great step forward for me and my colleagues from the Baltic region. I am truly happy to bring Verified Target to the screen.”

“This is a perfect project for Catalyst given that we have established an impressive production footprint in Serbia,” said Catalyst Studios’ Mark Pennell and Paul Kampf. “We are absolutely thrilled to have Milena, a proven asset to our studio, at the helm of Verified Target, an English-speaking film shot in Serbia for the international market.”

Verified Target joins Catalyst’s slate of six feature films directed and produced by women and centered on female protagonists, including Michelle Salcedo for Switch & Bait, Joanne Mitchell for Sybil, Siri Rødnes for Follow Me, Colombian auteur Ana Maria Hermida for the recently completed coming-of-age film, Alix, and Tamika Miller (Honor Student, “Station 19”) for a soon to be announced project.

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